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Energy Overview

Sigma’s principles were project managers for development companies and have managed the development of energy projects from feasibility studies through construction, providing expertise that includes site selection, environmental analyses, economic analyses, land acquisition, regulatory approval, contractor selection, project finance, and utility interconnection. As a result, Sigma performs its services ‘from the Owner’s perspective’ and not from that of a typical consultant. The type of energy projects with which Sigma has experience extends from hydroelectric to natural gas and oil.

Our most recent emphasis has included:

  • Representation of generator and supplier interests in stakeholder committees before Northeastern RTO’s (particularly ISO-NE).
  • Interconnection efforts, including reconnaissance and screening studies, management of System Impact Studies and associated RTO approvals, environmental and regulatory approvals, interconnection agreements, outage coordination and construction support.
  • Transmission assessments to optimize deliverability of energy and capacity; support for study, routing, permitting, land acquisition and construction of new transmission and substations.
  • Market assessments and analysis, particularly within the Northeastern RTO’s.
  • Market rule development and support, including state and federal (FERC) regulator filings.
  • Due diligence efforts associated with unit-specific and portfolio-based generation asset sales.