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Energy Projects

Power Pool and ISO Representation
Sigma has extensive experience managing and representing generation and supplier interests before the FERC, ISO's, Power Pools and state utility commissions. Sigma has actively managed these efforts before a wide variety of RTO and stakeholder committees, and regulatory forums throughout the Northeast.

Market Rule and Tariff Development
Through efforts in stakeholder committees, direct consulting support to ISO’s, and FERC and state regulatory testimony and filings, Sigma has been integrally involved in the development and administration of deregulated market rules. This includes energy, capacity and ancillary services markets, as well as new generator interconnections.

Mystic Combined Cycle Project     Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Sigma managed the interconnect studies, negotiated the interconnect agreement with the local utility, directed various FERC, NEPOOL, NPCC, and ISO filings, and oversaw interconnection construction by both the utility and the developer’s contractor for this 1,600-megawatt gas-fired project.

Fore River Combined Cycle Project      Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Sigma managed the interconnect studies, negotiated interconnect agreements with three local utilities, and oversaw interconnection construction by both the utility and the developer’s contractor for this 800-megawatt combined cycle generating plant.

San Roque Multipurpose Project     Pangasinan Province, Philippines
Sigma updated the 15-year-old EIA for the BOT developer so that construction of the 345-megawatt project-financed hydroelectric and irrigation facility could begin within eight months of notice to proceed.  Sigma satisfied the environmental conditions precedent contained in the JBIC loan documents and liaised with JBIC’s environmental consultant for the project.

NEES and GPU Due Diligence      Northeastern USA
During the generation divestitures of the New England Electric System and General Public Utilities, Sigma performed the regulatory and environmental due diligence during all phases for bidder interested in the NEES and GPU hydroelectric projects.

CBK Due Diligence      Island of Luzon, Philippines
Sigma performed the environmental and regulatory due diligence for the successful bidder for three hydroelectric projects (two conventional and one pumped storage) that were auctioned by the National Power Corporation of the Philippines.

Competitor Intelligence Databases      USA
Sigma has developed databases that track the competitive status of all existing and planned electric generation projects in the New England and Midwest markets.  These databases are used to determine the economic and electrical viability of plants in the competitive market and assist in power marketing and strategic planning.

Electrical Siting Advice     USA
In competitive markets, siting of energy projects must consider location within the existing electrical system and the resulting ability to economically sell energy, capacity and ancillary services. This is in addition to the availability of fuel, proximity to transmission, and lack of environmental or social fatal flaws. Sigma can provide these services.

Allegheny 8 & 9 Transmission Line     Northwestern Pennsylvania, USA
Sigma selected the route, managed the design, obtained the permits, and purchased the land for the 40-mile long, 138-kilovolt transmission line in northwestern Pennsylvania.  Because Sigma was responsible for all aspects of the transmission line project, we carefully balanced the tradeoffs in every phase as each had implications for the succeeding phases.

Independence Transmission Line      Owego, New York, USA
Sigma selected the route after balancing economic, environmental, regulatory, land acquisition considerations, then purchased all land (and houses) required for the new 345-kilovolt transmission line that interconnects the 1,000-megawatt Independence gas-fired plant to the grid.

Pakistan Hydro Project       Lahore, Pakistan
Sigma acted as the developer’s on-site representative for the feasibility studies that the Pakistani national power agency, WAPDA, was conducting for a major hydroelectric project.

Allegheny 5 & 6 Hydro Projects    Kittanning, Pennsylvania, USA
Sigma obtained the regulatory approvals and coordinated with the developer to arrange the project financing for the hydro projects on the Allegheny River.  After construction was completed, Sigma managed compliance activities associated with the FERC licenses for the projects.