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Information Technology Overview

Sigma has extensive experience developing Environment, Health, and Safety technology solutions for clients of all sizes and disciplines.  Whether it is a Fortune 500 company operating globally or a small power company focusing on regional growth, Sigma helps our client achieve success by delivering customized technology solutions that best meet each client’s unique needs and challenges. 

Our expertise includes development of database management and web-application solutions to address various regulatory requirements and management issues such as OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance, DOT driver management, safety training and performance tracking, environmental remediation, petroleum storage tank management, hazardous waste treatment, and facility compliance.

Sigma’s technology solutions allow each client to achieve more with less by:
  • standardizing of work processes to ensure full compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements
  • providing instant, secure, and company-wide access to data for accurate and consistent reporting
  • increasing productivity through automation of routine tasks and elimination of paper-based processes
  • automatically apprising interested parties of the status of certain activities related to regulatory compliance
  • improving data quality through automation of data entry and minimization of transcription errors