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Case Study - DOT Driver Management

Business Challenge

Sigma’s client had over 15,000 CDL drivers for which it had to track large amounts of sensitive and confidential data and schedule testing and other activities in order to obtain and maintain those licenses.  The client’s system relied on different groups to manually track the myriad of testing and certification steps required for new drivers and still more groups to track the similar steps for existing drivers.  In addition, the client was highly dependent on field managers to provide accurate and timely information about the drivers under their supervision.  As initial driver qualification involves many internal and external factors, any breakdown in the process could expose the client to significant safety as well as financial risks if unqualified drivers operate company vehicles.

Regulatory Citations:

49 CFR Chapter III


Sigma developed a web-based DOT Driver Management Module that is accessible only to certain users of the client’s corporate intranet. The module automates all of the workflow processes related to both initial driver qualification and to maintaining that qualification in a single integrated program. It includes automated email notifications to ensure that pre-defined timeframes are maintained for all activities and that all necessary activities are completed to maintain drivers’ qualifications.

With a few mouse clicks, the client can now track the process from initial request for a new-hire certification by a field manager through the outside-vendor medical, drug and alcohol, and violation review processes. The module also automatically queries outside vendors when a delay occurs and notifies both field and process managers of the status as the process proceeds. Maintenance of driver qualification includes random drug and alcohol testing as well as job-specific safety training. Sigma’s module tracks all of this information and automatically emails field managers as needs arise for specific drivers. The module maintains strict security of all sensitive information, especially results of drug and alcohol testing.