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Case Study - Occupational Injury/Illness Reporting

Business Challenge

Sigma’s client needed to develop a system to track occupational injury and illness incidents for OSHA reporting purposes.  The client was also collecting similar information to perform initial screens for workers compensation cases and to prepare for potential claims associated with motor vehicle incidents.  As it grew in size from about 40,000 employees to over 200,000 employees, the company needed to streamline its operations and consolidate these functions.  Because of legacy systems and the confidential nature of the information, the client was relying on a dedicated call center to take information from supervisors then enter that information into computers for processing and action.

Regulatory Citations:

29 CFR Chapter 17


Sigma defined and managed the development of a web-based Incident Reporting Module that resides within the Environment, Health, and Safety section of the corporate intranet and takes into account existing workflow constraints, hardware and software compatibility issues, and other client-specific needs.  The module permits supervisors to enter cases into the system over the web, minimizing the need to process faxed forms and phone calls.  Productivity improvements translated into significant cost savings, as the size of the call center remained almost unchanged as the number of employees increased by a factor of five.

Facility supervisors across the country generate OSHA 200 and 300 Logs dynamically for posting in facilities, thus eliminating the printing and mailing cost as well as the labor-intensive steps associated with preparing the forms centrally and mailing them to thousands of locations annually.  Incident cases are electronically transferred to the client’s workers compensation department or the legal department based on the pre-defined criteria so that claims can be processed efficiently.  The module utilizes the highest possible security measures to protect all confidential and sensitive information.  It provides periodic reports that summarize safety performance statistics for a multitude of users, and gathers the information necessary to perform a basic root-cause analysis.  The client then uses this analysis to supplement its incident prevention activities and to adjust its safety training courses.